We specialize in catering with the premium and guaranteed quality of Food Products with leading range of services. Sourced from the most reliable implies, our commodities stand the reputation of owning paramount consistency, beyond branded as the Market-Leader of Exports in the Industry, offering our reliable service around the globe.


Fruits, a fundamental key word that emphasizes not only who we are as people, but echoes through all our languages and cultures. We speak of the ‘fruits of successes, or the ‘fruit of our labors or aspirations happening ‘into fruition’. Fruit is the essential sweetness that creates our existences worth living. It would be a hard world, indeed, to imagine devoid of it. Fresh Fruits encompasses the world with our choice and depth of range in our premium quality fruit products, whether they come from the farthest, most distant places—or just down the street.


It is stated that we feast with our eyes before we taste the bounty which lies before us. Certainly, no more terms likely to describe the colorful array and radiance of the fresh vegetables fresh fruits offered to our customers

Vegetables are the staple of our life, no matter which cuisine we prefer. They are nutritionally dense and provide many a health and dietary benefit. However, it is not for well-being alone though that we seek out these wonderful buds, tubers, leaves and shoots. We are seduced by the treasury of fragrance, flavor, and appearance of these essentials for life, which Fresh Fruits supplies at premium quality.

We take pride in being competent to cater to our huge clientele with the healthiest supply of Organic products at reasonable rates throughout the decades to different cultures and languages the Company has rendered its mark in the Export Industry within a very short span since its inception.

As the main exporters of Food commodities, below are some of the lists of Products that our customers are fond of.


◈ Spices
◈ Fruits
◈ Vegetables
◈ Meat
◈ Processed food items
◈ Poultry
◈ Seafood
◈ Dairy products
◈ Beverages (nonalcoholic)
◈ Sri Lankan traditional sweet meats

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